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Viewing Legends' Live Streams

Purchasing Access to Live Streams

We do not actively offer demo’s or free trials of our live streams, but you may be able to find one on our Social Media pages.


Here’s one we found earlier:

COVID-19 UPDATE: With our customers in mind, we have decided to make the live stream available all ticket holders (subject to availability). This means that if you purchase a ticket for your household but for whatever reason you are not able to attend in person, you can still watch the stream from the comfort of your home. So get the alcohol stocked up and the takeaway ordered, sit back, and relax!

Depending on your technical know-how, the stream can be watched on almost any device that can connect to the internet! (Psst: A “device” is the thing that you will be using to watch the stream on, such as a Laptop, Mobile Phone or Smart TV).

We recommend that you have the following, but not all are required:

    • A stable internet connection. 
      Ensure that if you are using your homes internet connection, or Mobile Data, you have a good signal on the device that you will be accessing the stream on. We recommend ensuring that you have 5 out of 5 bars of signal. The signal strength icon typically looks like this across all devices:
    • A fast enough internet connection.
      We like to make sure that you’re getting the best experience possible, so we bring our stream to you in Ultra High Definition (UHD). While most internet connections are capable of dealing with this, it is important that you check your internet connection is fast enough. You can do this by going to We would recommend that you have an internet connection capable of a minimum of 5Mb. This is in line with the average 4G internet connection.
    • A new(-ish) device.
      While you don’t need a super swishy top of the range latest model device to access our live streams, you may find that a newer device is more capable of showing you the live stream. Ensure that your device is not acting sluggish or slow before using the stream for the optimal experience.
    • Home Speaker System or Headphones
      Even with limited time constraints, we endeavour to provide the best quality sound. We actually control the volume and sound of each individual instrument on stage specifically for the live stream, as well as doing the same for the speakers in the venue!Although they are improving more and more every year, speakers on your TV or Mobile/Tablet devices may not be as capable of replicating this high quality audio as other speakers such as Home Speaker Systems may, which means that you may lose some bass and punchiness from the sound if you’re not using such equipment.
    • You do not need a UHD or HD Device
      Most devices are capable of outputting High Definition video these days but even if your device cannot, you can still watch the stream – it just would not be at the highest video quality possible.

Live Stream Access is only available on our website, although we may stream parts of the performance onto Social Media pages in order to get more interest from our followers.

Physically speaking, you can watch the stream from anywhere in the world. Just check the “What do I need in order to watch a Live Stream” to ensure that you have everything ready for when we go live.

Live Stream Access is available to purchase for most events. You can purchase tickets by going to the Events & Tickets page and selecting the event that you wish to stream.


Find the "Tickets" section on the Event Information page.From here, if there is a stream available, you will be able to add a “Live Stream Access” ticket type and continue to the cart.


Use the + and – icons to add or remove a ticket type, and then press “Get Tickets”.

The cost of “Live Stream Access” tickets are displayed on the event page next to the other ticket types. The actual cost will vary depending on various circumstances and factors but at present starts from £2.50.

There are no other costs associated with our Live Stream Access tickets, however if you are streaming from a Mobile Phone or Tablet, there may be charges applied by your carrier for internet usage. This depends on your current contract/package with your carrier. Generally speaking though, if you have ‘Mobile Data’ assigned to your contract/package, you should be good to go!


NB: If you’re streaming with mobile data, you will likely use between 1.5GB to 3GB per hour when streaming HD (1080p – 2k).

There are no geographical restrictions for our live streams. This means that our Live Streams are currently available for access around the world.

The Live Stream is available on the event’s page. To find this, go to our Events & Tickets page and find the event that you have purchased Live Stream Access tickets for.

If you have the confirmation e-mail handy, you should just be able to click on the green “Go to Event Page” button.

You must be Logged In with the account that you used when you purchased the ticket in order to view the Live Stream. If you purchased the ticket, you will be able to find the e-mail we sent to you – use this as your username when logging in. If you have forgot your password, click here to reset it.

Whilst this is entirely possible, there are too many ways of doing this and too many variations of methods due to manufacturer differences for us to give specific assistance on this.

Here’s a few suggestions which should help get you started:

  • You could go to our website on your laptop or computer and use a video output on the device to connect it to your television. This is probably the easiest method, but may require a specific wire to plug the laptop into the TV.
  • You could use the internet browser on a Smart TV or a device such as a Fire TV Stick. NB: This may not work on all devices.
  • You could cast the stream from another device onto the TV.

While casting is not a feature which is available on our Live Stream player, you may still be able to cast onto a device depending on your technical ability. Unfortunately, due to the wide variation of possible approaches on this we are not able to give specific support.

However, a setup which may work for you is by using the Chromecast feature on Google Chrome. This article may help you.

Please note that casting may introduce latency (or “lag”) to the stream.

The live stream will appear on our website between 45 and 15 minutes prior to the performance time, however we sometimes run late with turning the stream live depending on how things are going with Sound Check etc.

If you can see the reload button, keep reloading the stream every few minutes and it should go live – alternatively, you can reload the whole page.

If you think there is a problem, please do get in contact with us via our Social Media pages and we will look into it for you.

If you are seeing this error, please message us on Social Media as soon as possible and we will work to rectify the issue.

While it is entirely possible we are encountering technical difficulties, it is more likely that there is a problem with your internet connection or device.

  • If the stream is intermittently dropping out, buffering or showing the spinning loading icon.
    This is almost definitely a problem with your internet connection or speed. Go to to do a speed test and see the “What do I need in order to watch a Live Stream?” post above in the pre-sales section.
  • If there are any continued problems with audio quality
    … and you have already checked your internet speed as mentioned above, double check that there are no issues with your speakers, try on another device and then get in contact with us incase there is a problem with something on our side. If you’re getting in contact with us, do so by Social Media and try to include as much detail as possible about the issue you’re having, such as the frequency of the problem and any steps that we could take to replicate it, so that we can help provide you with a fast response.
  • If there is a slight delay between the audio and video
    Sometimes a delay is caused due to the way that we process the audio and video – this should be no more than a few milliseconds. Check your internet speeds and any other hardware that is involved such as Bluetooth or Wireless speakers which may not be coping too well.

Once you’ve purchased a ticket for an event, you’ll get an email and you can follow the green “Go to Event Page” button to take you to the page that you will view the Live Stream from. If you’re still logged in to your account, the “Live Stream Access” section will show as it does in the image here.

Around 45 minutes before the performance time, the “Live Stream” and “Comments” section will automatically appear (you will need to reload the page if you was already on it prior to the 45mins).


If you’re on a Tablet or Mobile Phone, the page may be arranged slightly different than it is in this image.








If the Live Stream does not start automatically playing, click anywhere in the black section of the Player.

Hovering over the Live Stream player with your mouse (or tapping on it if using a touchscreen device) will show a Green Bar at the bottom of the player. These are the “Player Controls”.

You may also use the Pause/Play icons, which is the first icon that appears to the bottom right of the player, in the Player Controls section.

The long bar and the time (to the right of the Pause/Play icon) can be ignored. They don’t do much.

The Speaker Icon with a horizontal line through it means that the Live Stream is muted. Clicking on this icon with the mouse (or with your finger if on a touch screen device) will un-mute the stream. When you hover over the speaker icon, a slider will appear – this is your volume level control.

To the right of this is a cog wheel. This is the settings section where, if available, you can change the video quality from HD to SD – this may help you if you are having any buffering issues.

The furthest button to the right will make the Live Stream go into Full Screen Mode. You can exit full screen mode by clicking this button again, or by pressing the “Esc” button on your keyboard – this is normally in the top left corner of the keyboard.


Happy Streaming!

How you clear your cache on Dacast will depend on which browser you are using.

Here are some links that will explain how to clear your cache on different browsers:

We’ve invested a considerable amount of money into ensuring that our website is able to deal with random traffic spikes and any server downtime.

If you’re having any problems accessing our website (i.e. getting error messages), please send us a message on our Social Media pages just in case we are not already aware of it, and we will look into it for you.

There is a possibility that there is an extremely high traffic load on the webserver at the time you are trying to access it, so if you do have an error message which is preventing you from viewing any of the website then try to refrain from trying to regularly refresh the page – just try again in 5 minutes.

Navigating the Website & Purchasing Tickets

Managing your Account

For people who are less technically inclined, we have allowed our users to login via Facebook or Google rather than having to create a new set of login details on our website. This means that if you sign up using Facebook or Google, you will be able to always login through one of these services.

If you’ve not already got an account with us, head over to the Login/Register page and click on “Login with Facebook” or “Login with Google” to sign up to us using either of these services. You will need to log in to Facebook or Google with your usual details if you are not already logged in, and then you’ll be prompted to allow access to your personal details (Name and E-Mail Address) and upon granting this access, we will be able to collect sign you up to our website.

Once you’re signed up with Facebook or Google, on the login page you can just click on “Login with Google” or “Login with Facebook” and use this associated account to login to the Legends Live Lounge website.

If you’re not technically inclined, have a Facebook or Google account and still need to sign up, we recommend that you sign up using Facebook or Google. See the article above “How do I login with Facebook or Google”.

If you need to sign up, you can head over to our register page.

If you need to login to your account, head over to our login page.

All of our events are available on the Events & Tickets page of our website.

This page only displays 12 of the closest upcoming events (in chronological order). To view more events, click on the “Next Events >” button which is at the bottom of the page, towards the bottom right of the last event on the page, as shown below.

Once you’ve found your event on the Events Page, click on the event to get more details.

Underneath the event image, you’ll see a list of the available tickets for the event.

Use the – and + button to remove or add tickets for each ticket type, then click “Get Tickets”. You must be logged in if you wish to purchase a ticket. (see “How do I Login or Sign Up”).

You must be logged in if you wish to request a refund.

To start the process, head over to the “My Account” page and select “Orders”. Find the appropriate order and click “View” to view the order. Underneath the order details, if your order is eligible for a refund, you may click on the “Request Refund” / “Refund my Entire Order” button.

Upon completing the form, it may take us up to 7 working days to review your request. We will update you via e-mail once we have processed the request, and if successful, the order will be available on your bank statement in 5-10 working days.

If you have forgotten your password, head over to the login page and click on “Lost your Password?“. Enter your username or email address and if your details match we will send you an email containing a link which will allow you to reset your password.

You must be logged in to change your account details. Once you’re logged in, head over to the “My Account” page and from there you can edit your account details, including your password if you know your existing password.

You must be logged in to change your account details. Once you’re logged in, head over to the “My Account” page and click on Payment Methods. From there, you can remove your existing cards or add a new one.

If you have submitted a refund request through our website (see “How do I request a refund”), you can see the progress of your requests by heading over to the “My Account” page and selecting “My Refund Requests”.

You must be logged in for the “Manage Account” button to appear in the main menu.

Generic FAQs

At this time, if an event is Sold Out, we do not have a reserve list for interested people. If a ticket is available for the event, it will be put back onto the website and we may post about it on our Social Media pages.

Tickets will be available through our website up to 30 minutes before the performance start time.

You may also be able to turn up on the door to purchase a ticket, if there is capacity in the venue.

Thanks for your interest! Please contact our booker using the e-mail address

If you are the lead point of contact for the band, please contact the booker through your normal method and ask for the link to the performer form. This page also contains our technical specification. If you have any technical questions, please contact us on

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